Tape-in extensions are two separate pieces of hair extensions that are sandwiched together with your existing hair in between. This creates a bond that will last in your HAIR through washing styling and hair growth. every six weeks you will need to see your stylist for a re-tape.



  1. Light weight

  2. Fast easy application time

  3. Lay flat to the head/not bulky

  4. Great for corrective services

  5. Customizable for all hair types

  6. add pops of color with no damage

  7. can be combined with weft hair extensions for corrective services


Pricing is determined by cost of hair + installation cost. a consultation is required to determine how much hair is needed for purchase and install. Installation Cost can range from $50-$150



Re-Tapes are required every 4-8 weeks depending on guests hair type and customized placement of the extensions. Your stylist will explain your personal re-tape timeline upon consultation. Cost of re tape appointments can range from $50-$150.