Hair Options


Hair Options


Tape In Hair

At Salon Wild our main squeezes for Tape ins are the brands Hot Heads and Philocaly. These tape is are. not oversaturated like traditional brands allowing for easy removal and re-application. No more sticky mess! Color options are endless with it come to tape ins!

Machine Sewn Wefs

Our Main Squeezes for machine wefts is the brand Bellami. Machine wefts are traditionally the most common type of hair weft. The hair has been sewn together by machine and usually has a thicker density. Machine wefts provide thickness and are Cost effective.



Hand Tied

Hand Tied hair extensions have been carefully sewn together by hand instead of by machine. This allows for thinner less bulky wefts that experience less hair shedding. Multiple color options can be purchased at once and can be layered together to achieve beautiful multidimensional color effects.