Sew In Weft

the most discreet and flexible method of application



  1. Maximum fullness and coverage 

  2. Safe and effective for fine hair 

  3. Discreet and versatile  (work outs, ponytails, hair flips)

  4. Easy at home maintenance

  5. No heat, sticky glues or chemical  bonding agents

  6. Most natural looking results

  7. can be combined with tape-ins for corrective services

The Process

  1. Book a consultation to discus suitability, length, color option and amount of hair needed and cost.

  2. Purchase your hair extensions with salon wild and book your installation appointment. Once purchased your new hair will be ordered and should arrive within 1-5 business days.

  3. At the time of your installation appointment your stylist will create a track out of your hair and silicone lined beads that the hair will then be sewn onto. this process may take anywhere from 1hr 30min to 3hr 30min depending on desired results discussed in consultation.

  4. Your stylist will perform a custom blending cut to ensure your new extensions look seamless.


Consultations ARE Required for price quotes as Each hair Company we work with has a different style of weft and pricing pattern. Installation cost can range from $75-$300 + the cost of hair


After your installation appointment your extensions will need to be regularly maintained by your stylist. Maintenance appointment time lines can vary depending on hair type and life style. On average every 4-8 weeks.

Your first maintenance appointment will be a short move up of your beads. Come in with clean hair and your appointment should be 30min/$40 Your second appointment will be a re-sewing of your extensions this appointment time and price can vary depending on the amount of rows installed you received Come in with clean hair 30min-2hrs/$60-$200