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Beaded sew-ins & Hidden Bead sew-ins

Hand-tied wefts

Machine tied wefts

Flat wefts

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Hey Wild Child!

I've been a stylist since 2010.

I love doing corrective extension work, creating custom placements for my guests, and teaching my extension skills when I'm not behind the chair.

I specialize in beaded sew-ins & hidden beaded sew-in extensions using:

- hand-tied wefts

- machine wefts

- flat wefts.

Due to allergies, I can no longer perform colour services.

Not to worry! I can match extensions to your current colour, coordinate with your current colourist or recommend you to one of my wonderful colleagues for a colour.

I am currently not accepting new Hair Cut Clients unless booked with extensions.

My current work hours are Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Mohandas Gandhi

Machine Weft

These wefts have been sewn together by a machine. This makes them durable and discreet. Easy to create custome placements. These are my favourite to work with as i do allot of corrective hair extension work. These work with my regular sew in method and my hidden bead sew in method.

Flat Weft

New kid on the block. Flat wefts are a newer hybrid weft extension. They are held togeher with a durable material. They lay flat to the head and can be custome cut to fit your head shape. They are comfortable but the least discreet. These work with my regulare sew in method.

Hand-Tied Weft

Hand tied extensions have been sewn together by hand. This creates thinner light weight wefts that allow for multiple wefts and colors to be stacked on top of each other. The tops of these wefts cannot be cut making it more difficult to create custome placements. These work with both my rgulare sew in method and my hidden bead sew in method.

Weft Extensions-How it works

Step 1: Book a Consultation In the consultation, we will go over all of your options, answer your questions and give you a price quote based on your desired end result and what is possible to achieve. If you already have hair you would like me to install, bring it to the consult for me to check out.

Step 2: Purchase Your New hair Next, I will take payment for the cost of the hair and place the order. Hair takes 2 business days to arrive. Skip this step if you have your own hair that will work for me to install.

Step 3: Book Your Installation Once the hair is purchased, we will find a day and time to install your new locks.

Step 4: Installation Day Come in with clean untangled hair ready for your install. The install can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 1/2 hours depending on your current hair and desired end results. Payment for the install is due at this appointment. We will book you in for your first lift appointment before you leave.

Step 5: Hair Flips Find every mirror, even those reflections on shiny surfaces, and enjoy your new locks!

Due to allergies, color services are not available with Nancy.

Weft Extensions-Cost

Cost of Hair: The cost of hair can vary based on the length of the hair extensions, amount of hair needed and type of weft extensions chosen.

Installation Cost: $100 per hour

Maintenance: After your new hair has been installed, it will need to be maintained. Every 4-6 weeks I will lift your extensions. This appointment is 30-45min. Lift - 1-2 Rows - 30min -$40 Lift - 3-4 Rows - 45min -$50

Re-Sew: Every 4-6 months your hair extension will need to be removed and then re-sewn into your hair. $100 per hour

Due to allergies, color services are not available with Nancy.

Book with Nancy-How to

To request an appointment click the button below to be taken to our booking site. You can read my bio, send me an email, find salon information and book an appointment. When booking a hair extension consultation I will send you a consult form to be filled out. Please check your email for this form!

Nancy's Hours: Mon-Tues-Wed 9am-6pm Off Holidays