Brow Tattooing


Say goodbye to drawing your brows on every day with semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing with ARTIST JOELLE.

Powder Ombre

This versatile technique heals soft and prevents the brow from having a harsh bold block look. It can be used to create beautiful soft powdery effects up to bold dramatic effects. The results will be waterproof, smudge-proof and completely natural for up to 5 years.

How it Works

  1.  Book in for a free consultation to be sure you are a candidate for powder ombre brows and get answers to questions you may have.

  2. Now that you are sure, it is time to book your appointment.

  3. Your appointment will take around 3 hours. Much of the time will be spent perfecting the shape of your new brows. Once you are happy with the shape the tattooing begins.

  4. Take good care of your brows while they heal and enjoy your new-found freedom

Touch Ups?

After Healing is complete you will require a touch up. This is usually performed at 6-8 weeks post service. This will be to fill in any lost pigment that may occur during the healing process.


$450 $50 First Touch Up ( Price subject to change without notice)